Refresh & Revitalize Your NYC Team with an Epic Off-Site Day Meeting

With the growth of hybrid and remote work, more New York City companies are investing in face time. Not only does stepping away from the office with your team help to refresh and revitalize key members, it can also give infuse a boost of creative energy.

From entry-level employees to top executives, everyone benefits from coming together in ways even the best video conferencing can't match. As a result, organizations are seeing a boost in productivity and morale.

Host a day meeting at the right venue, and you'll have real competitive advantages that touch every team in your organization. 

5 Undeniable Benefits of Hosting Day Meetings for NYC Companies

Let's look at some of the best benefits for your company and the people who make it run.

1. Burnish Your Company Culture

What is your company known for?

Your clientele might highlight your quality products, services, or customer care. But the perception among your employees matters just as much. People respond to an employer with a sense of purpose and vision – what better way to underscore those motivators than with a day meeting in a serene natural setting to help each attendee feel like a part of something bigger?

2. Foster Collaboration Across the Org Chart

We're all in this together; a day meeting is a perfect solution for breaking down walls.

Remotely or even in the office, it's too easy for teams to end up in silos that don't communicate well. This is all the more vital if you have big plans requiring close coordination between different functions. There's never been a better chance for colleagues to have a meeting of the minds – and for leaders to canvass their teams for great ideas.

3. Give Your Leadership Time to Shine

No matter the industry, everyone works better when they know and respect their leaders.

An off-site day meeting can be a chance for executives to introduce themselves – or re-introduce themselves after a period of change. All over New York City, companies like yours "find their why" through a day meeting at Edith Macy Center in historic Briarcliff Manor.

You can reduce turnover, enhance productivity, and establish yourself as an employer of choice.

4. Encourage Creative Thinking

Sometimes, the best ideas come with some distance and perspective on the challenge at hand.

We've all heard the stories of some of history's greatest thinkers having groundbreaking ideas while taking a walk in nature. The perfect NYC day meeting for your enterprise might include reflection, downtime, and opportunities for serendipitous small groups. If this describes you, the Edith Macy Center is the ideal solution.

5. Engage and Reward Your People

Employees feel more connected when their employer rewards them for a job well done.

Investing in day meetings is a great way to recognize the people doing what it takes to get measurable results. Your team will appreciate and remember this – you'll have fewer problems with burnout, absenteeism, and turnover-inducing boredom. Plus, there's no better place for a reward experience than at the Edith Macy Center.

Ultimately, the benefits of day meetings for NYC companies are hard to deny. They create an environment that encourages collaboration, boosts morale, and can significantly impact your business's growth. Plus, no passport is required!

Want to Energize Your Company and Your People? Edith Macy Center Is Waiting for You

At Edith Macy Center, a Benchmark property just 45 minutes from Manhattan, we balance living, learning, and leisure to turn your day meeting into an unforgettable experience. Our venue is a member of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), recognized since 2009 for our Gold Level of Sustainability. No matter if you are connecting with staff, partners, or investors, you'll enjoy unparalleled excellence.

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